eTwinnning is a community of schools in Europe. It offers a platform for people working in a school in a European country. Such people include teachers, LSEs, head teachers, librarians etc… On this platform, communication and collaboration take place especially when projects are created. When this happens, sharing of good practice becomes part of the most exciting learning community in Europe.

eTwinning is co-funded by the Eramus+, the European programme for education, training, youth and sports. On the eTwinning platform there are 931,814 registered teachers teaching in 217,079 schools across Europe participating in 121,568 projects.

Though the majority of registered teachers participate and collaborate in various projects, eTwinning is not only about projects. eTwinning helps educators to share ideas and learn through professional development workshops and online learning events which tear down the classroom walls and widens your horizons. Through eTwinning, educators can communicate to discuss difficulties they face in the classroom. It also gives a chance to participating students to motivate themselves, believe in their capabilities and realise that they can great things just like all other European children. Here students connect and collaborate with other students safely and learn about each other’s cultures and traditions while making new friends. They also realise that their European peers learn in the same way they do and encounter the same obstacles during their years at school.

During this scholastic year, our school, Hamrun GP within San Ġorġ Preca College, managed to win the eTwinning School Label Award once again. This award is not only a recognition of personal success of individual teachers, but also an acknowledgement of the great achievement of the entire eTwinning team in these schools. As a school, Hamrun GP participated in a collaborative project “Christmas in the City” with another European teacher from Slovakia. We shared Christmas traditions, children’s writings and crafts. Children involved in the project did their utmost to produce their work the best they could because now their work was going to be seen by other children. Positive comments encouraged children to shine, believe in themselves and produce neater work.

eTwinning is the way forward for schools across Europe because it helps both teachers and students to excel and be more motivated in their work