Early Years

Back to Basics! 🐄

Going back to basics strengthens our foundation.

The kids each cooked their bread from the beginning. They also explored how the farmer milks a cow, what do we do with the milk and the whole process of milk, cheese, ice-cream and butter. Children changed their role to a farmer and they had to milk the cows. 🐄


Complimentary Teaching

At Ħamrun Primary GP we offer Complimentary Lessons to children who are referred by their respective teachers.  These are primarily students who encounter varies difficulties in reading.

Each student’s reading level is assessed by means of tests.  There are three levels (subdivided into levels  A, B and C).  Each referred child is assessed from Level 1C upwards. When a child scores the appropriate mark he is assigned a “level”.  This helps us to identify the appropriate literature for each student.  Infact we use the Oxford Reading Scheme.  This assessment can also identify other difficulties in writing skills (hand co-ordination, spacing, size of letters, etc.)

We seek to help each student to improve on his reading, diction and understanding of words and texts both in English and Maltese.

We also make use of IT resources.  E-books of different levels are used in lessons.  These books give an audio-visual experience to the student.   Other on-line platforms include interactive worksheets for both the English and Maltese language

Lessons may be held in small groups or individually.