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L-Aġenżija Nazzjonali Tal-Litteriżmu.

Bi pjaċir inħabbru li għadna kif ġejna provduti b’aktar kotba 📘📗📚 kbar u żgħar u leħħiet mill-isbaħ għall-għalliema u l-istudenti fis-snin bikrin 🌟 Grazzi 🙏L-Aġenzija Nazzjonali tal-Litteriżmu.

We are glad to announce that we have just been provided with a good number 📘📗📚 of big and small books and eye-catching flash cards for students and educators in the early years 🌟 Thank you 🙏 National Literacy Agency.

Early Years

Back to Basics! 🐄

Going back to basics strengthens our foundation.

The kids each cooked their bread from the beginning. They also explored how the farmer milks a cow, what do we do with the milk and the whole process of milk, cheese, ice-cream and butter. Children changed their role to a farmer and they had to milk the cows. 🐄