School Profile

School Profile

Our School is set in the heart of Malta, in Ħamrun, which is an urban area with a population of over 9000 people.  This locality is well known for its commercial outlets, band clubs and main local feast which is dedicated to St. Geatan of Thiene, while the secondary feast is dedicated to St. Joseph. Ħamrun is home to the Ħamrun Spartans football club, a very popular club around the island of Malta because it is one of the most prominent teams.

Ħamrun Primary GP has a capacity of around 350 pupils and 80 members of staff.  We welcome pupils from the age of 3 till 11 years old and cater for a holistic teaching and learning in various subjects such as English, Maltese, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Art, PSCD, Music, Religion, History, Geography and Social Studies. Technology is also another key area where we excel.  The school has been involved in the E-Twinning project for several years and every year we are awarded with the highest achievement prices. 

Being a multicultural school, different perspectives are taught in our classrooms. This provides an opportunity for students from different cultures to bring their enormous range of experiences, knowledge, perspectives, and insights to be shared at school.

The staff of our school aims to develop and enhance teaching and learning in a loving, caring, clean, safe and healthy environment. They engage students in projects that apply critical thinking skills toward solving real-life problems.  In fact, we take part in various National Projects such as Litterless Campaign, Dinja Waħda, and EkoSkola.  Through these initiatives, we take a comprehensive approach to teaching where educators address the emotional, social, ethical and academic needs of the student in an integrated learning format.

It is vital to be part of the community and we do our best to involve different stakeholders as to make sure that our school is conducive to teaching and learning. They are also responsible for the achievement of the learning outcomes through their active participation in school activities, programs and projects. We work closely with the Local Council, and also have our own Student Council as we firmly believe that students who know that their voice is being heard help them feel invested in their own learning and can ignite passions that will increase their persistence.

Our main goal is that our school is a welcoming place, a second home, where each individual who walks through our doors will make memories of amazing experiences!