Nurture Group

The Nurture Group supports learners who present with Social, Emotional and Behaviour Difficulties (SEBD). It is a contemporary approach to inclusive education as it enhances access to learning for children who are often segregated due to their behaviour. Research has demonstrated positive outcomes when learners with social, emotional, and behavioural challenges are supported in schools by means of appropriate programmes such as those offered in our Nurture Group.

Learners can display a range of challenging behaviours as they may feel ‘deskilled, angry, anxious, depressed or isolated’ (Ayers et al., 2000). As these behaviours can increase the stress and anxiety of certain learners, we provide a structured and safe environment, thereby providing our learners with ‘nurturing opportunities’ that they may have missed upon during their lives. The principles and practices that we apply are based on the attachment theory (Bishop, 2008).

The various sessions that are carried out in our Nurture Group include:

  • appropriate language and communication skills;
  • modelling of, and developing positive relationships;
  • dealing with social, emotional and behavioural challenges;
  • a resilient approach;
  • developing emotional literacy skills; and
  • developing self-efficacy and positive self-esteem.

Through these sessions, the learners will develop good practices in their behaviour during learning situations, when coping with peers, and improve their relationship with the teacher. The school environment will benefit, and every child will succeed. Our positive school atmosphere encourages student attendance and boosts a more positive mindset in everyone involved.

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